Programmer's fonts comparison

Jan 1, 2011
In my opinion every programmer should be very selective about fonts, as bad fonts can not only decrease efficiency but also bless you with eye problems and headaches. Here is my own comparison of fonts. You can also find other font comparisons on many websites or just google 'programmer fonts'. I have listed the fonts in order of my preference. All the fonts shown below are anti-aliased. If you are forced to use aliased fonts, you can try Andale Mono, I find it good even at bigger font size and bold font weight. This blog uses Droid Sans Mono from Google web fonts for all the code sections.

1. DejaVu Sans Mono, 11 pt

2. Inconsolata-dz, 12 pt

3. Consolas, 11 pt

4. Anonymous, 11 pt

5. Courier-New, 11 pt

6. Lucida Console, 11 pt

7. Verdana, 11 pt;

8. Segoe UI, 11 pt