Matlab Font(s) - Windows

Jan 14, 2011
I do not find Matlab default font to be soothing to eyes, specially the fonts in figure windows. See more about fonts here. So, here are the instructions to change the fonts in matlab. Make sure that you have installed the font of your choice.
  • For editor, main window, GUI
    Navigate to File->Preference. Select "Fonts" in the left panel. Then follow the instructions over there. You can also check the 'Custom' tab for advanced settings.
  • For figure window
    Add following lines to your startup.m. See next section for details. set(0,'DefaultAxesFontName','DejaVu Sans'); set(0,'DefaultAxesFontSize',10); set(0,'DefaultAxesFontWeight','Bold'); set(0,'DefaultTextFontName','DejaVu Sans'); set(0,'DefaultTextFontSize',10); set(0,'DefaultTextFontWeight','Bold'); Change the font-name & size according your choice. You can find a list of installed fonts by typing following command at matlab prompt. listfonts
Each time matlab is started, it searches all the matlab path for this file. The most common place to keep this file is: C:\Users\<user-name>\Documents\MATLAB\ This is good place to put/over-ride settings. Create this file, if it is not present.

I am having hard-time  to configure the same thing in Ubuntu. I will be posting the same, if I get some success.
Update: I was not able to get anti-aliased fonts in linux. But, I found a font called 'Andale Mono', which gives good result with aliased fonts. This link might help in some cases.