Mar 8, 2010
Tested on: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) I found about LXDE few days back and found it to be suitable for my need of fast and configurable desktop environment. Most of the gnome applications (except automatic wallpaper changers like wallpaper-tray) also work without any flaw.

Note: I did not install lubuntu-desktop package. I just installed lxde & dependent packages.

Here are few configuration changes I made:
  • Changed default browser to firefox: sudo ln -sf /usr/bin/firefox /etc/alternatives/x-www-browser as /etc/bin/x-www-browser is symbolic link to /etc/alternatives/x-www-browser
  • Changed clock format to %a, %d %b, %I:%M %p in "Digital Clock" Settings. It displays in this format: Tue, 09 Mar, 10:22 AM
  • Added global keyboard hotkeys/shortcuts for Rhythmbox & Volume control by editing ~/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml and adding following to <keyboard> section <!-- Keybindings for audio volume --> <keybind key="W-Down"> <action name="Execute"> <execute>amixer -q set PCM 2- unmute</execute> </action> </keybind> <keybind key="W-Up"> <action name="Execute"> <execute>amixer -q set PCM 2+ unmute</execute> </action> </keybind> <keybind key="W-m"> <action name="Execute"> <execute>amixer -q set Master toggle</execute> </action> </keybind> <!-- Rhythmbox Shortcuts --> <keybind key="W-z"> <action name="Execute"> <command>rhythmbox-client --previous</command> </action> </keybind> <keybind key="W-x"> <action name="Execute"> <command>rhythmbox-client --play-pause</command> </action> </keybind> <keybind key="W-c"> <action name="Execute"> <command>rhythmbox-client --pause</command> </action> </keybind> <keybind key="W-v"> <action name="Execute"> <command>rhythmbox-client --next&nbsp;</command> </action> </keybind> More about key-bindings can be found on openbox binding help page.
  • Edited .desktop files in /home/chitresh/.local/share/applications using commands like lxshortcut -i firefox.desktop
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