Emacs Cheat Sheet

Sep 11, 2009
C-x is same as Ctrl-x
M-x is same as Alt-x
<#> represents a numeric value

   Open    C-x C-f
   Save    C-x C-s
   Save As    C-x C-w
   Save All    C-x s
   Close Buffer    C-x k
   Quit    C-x C-c
   Undo    C-_
   Begin Selection    C-space
   Cancel Selection    C-g
   Cut Selection    C-w
   Cut Line (text on right side of the cursor)    C-k
   Paste / Yank    C-y
   Copy Selection to Numbered Clipboard    C-x r s <#>
   Paste from Numbered Clipboard    C-x r i <#>
   Forward Delete    Delete
   Forward Delete Word    M-d
   Backward Delete    Backspace
   Backward Delete Word    C-Backspace
   Complete word (based on words in open buffers)    M-/
Rectangle Edits
   Copy rectangle    C-x r r
   Cut / kill rectangle    C-x r k
   Paste / Yank rectangle    C-x r y
   Create blank rectangle    C-x r o
   Search / Move to next search hit    C-s
   Search / Move to previous search hit    C-r
   Regexp Search / Move to next hit    M-C-s
   Regexp Search / Move to previous hit    M-C-r
   Search and Replace    M-% then y for each replacement
                    ! to replace all
   Goto Line Number    M-x goto-line <#>
   M-g g <#>
   Move to previous matching bracket    M-C-b
   Move to next matching bracket    M-C-f
   Move to & fro in buffers    C-x right-arrow-key
   C-x left-arrow-key
   Choose Window    C-x, C-b
   Move to top of page    C-Home-key
   Move to bottom of page    C-End-key
   Move to beginning of current line    C-a
   Move to end of current line    C-e
   Maximize / Display only one buffer    C-x 1
   Split Horizontal    C-x 2
   Split Vertical    C-x 3
   Switch Focus Between Windows    C-x o
   Activate Menu Bar     M-`
   Indent Selection    M-C-\
   Convert to uppercase (till end of current word)    M-u
   Convert to lowercase (till end of current word)    M-l
   Capitalize Word
   (Convert 1st letter of word to uppercase)
   Uppercase Selection    C-x, C-u
   Lowercase Selection    C-x, C-l

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